Acclaimed Taiwanese choreographer, dancer and inventor Huang Yi and his robot companion KUKA blend razor sharp precision and stunning artistry, harmoniously weaving together the art of dance and the science of mechanical engineering in a poetic work, flawlessly intertwining modern dance and visual arts with the realm of robotics.

HUANG YI & KUKA reveals humanity through a series of vignettes between live dancers and KUKA, a robot conceptualized and programmed by Huang; a rigorous undertaking because a single minute of choreography takes 10-20 hours of programming. Joined onstage by dancers Hu Chien and Lin Jou-Wen, HUANG YI & KUKA is a process of beautifying the sorrow and sadness of Huang’s childhood; an expression of loneliness, self-doubt, self-realization, and self-comfort. “Dancing face to face with a robot is like looking at my own face in a mirror... I think I have found the key to spin human emotions into robots” —Huang Yi.

A seamless synthesis of soul, ingenuity and innovation, HUANG YI & KUKA is a groundbreaking work that continues to captivate global audiences, celebrating the future of humanity and technology. It has been presented globally stages at Ars Electronica Festival (Austria), TED Conference (Vancouver), NYU Abu Dhabi, Holland Dance Festival, and Festival International Cervantino, among others.

I was born in a wealthy family. When I was 10, my parents went bankrupt due to investment losses. My family of four moved from a luxurious house; to a 40-square foot room. As a child who was constantly moving from one tiny room to another; and seeing my parents go through suicide attempts, I grew up knowing that I had to be a perfect child. I detached all my emotion- passion, anger, and sadness, to be that perfect child, and to be like a robot: obedient, friendly, outstanding, considerate, never rebellious, perhaps no personality.

As a child, my favorite cartoon was Doraemon, a Japanese animation character and a cat robot; who is always there to solve problems for his owner. Apparently I have something with robots since I was little- Is it because they represent a character that is loyal? Or is it because their destiny of being selfless? Thankfully, my parents let me choose to be a professional on stage, which became the best outlet for my compressed emotion. And I wanted to find a way to dance with a robot.

I did my research on the most advanced industrial robots, and KUKA stood out for stability, and the fluid design like the shape of human. In 2010, I called KUKA company in Taiwan. When I told them my idea, they said, “According to the regulation, when the robot is moving, human beings cannot enter the area of its action. If you can find a way, I will lend you a KUKA.”

I have found a way.

For me, “Huang Yi & KUKA” is a process; of beautifying the sorrow and sadness when I grew up. It is the expression of loneliness, self-doubt, self-realization, and self-comfort. I was trying to make a beautiful illusion, just to assure others; that everything was fine. I wanted to remind us of our simplest hope; from the very beginning, that we are all just grown up kids, but still kids.







Artistic Director & Choreography  |  Huang Yi
藝術總監、編舞  |  黃翊

Performer  |  Huang Yi、KUKA、Hu Chien、Lin Jou-Wen
演出  |  黃翊、庫卡工業機器人、胡鑑、林柔雯

Lighting Design  |  Huang Yi
燈光設計  |  黃翊

Tech Director  |  Cheng Hao-Ting
技術總監  |  鄭皓庭

Technical Assistant  |  Lou Sih-Wei、Li Yuan-Hao
技術專員  |  駱思維、李原豪

Assistant Rehearsal Master/Understudy(2012)  |  Huang Yu-Xiang
排練助理/Understudy(2012)  |  黃郁翔

Tech Director(2012-2018)  |  Ou Yen-Ku
技術總監(2012-2018)  |  歐衍穀

Costume Aesthetic  |  Hu Chien
服裝統籌 | 胡鑑

Scrip of Audio Description  |  Huang Yi

Voice Actor of Audio Description / Ho Chih-Wei

Auto Sync Audio Description System  |  Huang Yi

Director of Audio Description  |  Hsu Ivy

Photography  |  Jacob Blickenstaff
攝影 | Jacob Blickenstaff

Worldwide Representation and Booking  |  Sozo Artists
國際經紀| Sozo Artists

Commissioned by l  Quanta Arts Foundation
委託創作 | 廣藝基金會

Audio Description 口述影像

Language Support 支援語言 /


“…more than just an amusing exercise in blending dance and technology. ”


Opening of TED 2017 in Vancouver.

TED 2017 年度大會 開幕演出於溫哥華

New York 2015 ISPA Congress Pitch New Works Projects

《黃翊與庫卡》獲選 ISPA 2015 年度十大新作


Huang Yi
Choreographer / Dancer / Engineer
Hu Chien
Lin Jou-Wen
Cheng Hao-Ting
Tech Director
Tech Specialist
Li Yuan-Hao
Tech Specialist
Tour Manager / Audio Description System Specialist



Worldwide Representation and Booking

Ichun Yeh
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PR & Development
Ivy 許芳宜
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Company Official

Artistic Director
Huang Yi 黃翊